Back in December, we at Yoli had the amazing opportunity to contribute to a fantastic program— Military Makeover with Montel Williams. This program created through Lifetime is an amazing show that features a new military family each season. They, along with lots of volunteers and sponsors, makeover the house of a military veteran family. This season, we had the pleasure of being the health and wellness sponsor for the Hixon family! It has already begun airing (if you aren’t caught up, check it out here), but today we wanted to highlight their story and what we did to help out.

the hixon family

Chris Hixon, a Navy veteran, was sadly killed on February 14, 2018 as part of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass shooting. Working as the athletic director, Chris had attempted to shield students from the bullets. It unfortunately resulted in his passing.

Chris was survived by his wife Debbi, Marine Corps Reserve Officer son Thomas, and special needs son Corey. Corey and Debbi have been living in Debbi’s childhood home— the place the Hixon family were living during the time of Chris’s passing (and had been living in for over 28 years!) A complete renovation of the home was conducted during Military Makeover, which will be revealed throughout this season. You can learn more about Military Makeover and the Hixon family here.

what did yoli do?

Yoli had the privilege of joining the set of Military Makeover as the health and wellness sponsor for this season. Not only were we able to provide products for Debbi and Corey, we also had Yoli Give and corporate volunteers on-site providing support in the transformation of their home. We kept all volunteers hydrated and energized with products like Fun and Passion. It was a wonderful and humbling opportunity for everyone involved. If you would like to see pictures of Yoli’s time on set, you can check them out here.

want to get involved?

With our amazing Yoli Give program and member advisory board, we are planning on doing big things. If you want to give back to your Yoli community, there are a few ways you can do it!

  • Make monthly or one-time donations to Yoli Give through your autoshipment.
  • Keep an eye out for product and SWAG deals that contribute to Yoli Give.
  • Watch and share our projects with others, such as Military Makeover.
  • Keep an eye out on our social media to see more big projects we’ll be doing!

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